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Passing of Ernie Boston


From John Boston
On Tuesday December 22nd at 12.15pm our Dad - Ernie Boston passed away peacefully with our mum by his side. All of us had a chance to say goodbye.

Born in Belfast Ireland and arriving in Australia as an 11 year old, Dad had an amazing life.

Most people will have fond memories of Dads life devoted to Motorsport.

Dad was always organising, helping, developing, creating, competing and hosting events throughout his whole life. A trophy from 2014 - 1st Class D at an age of 71 years young sat beside his hospital bed as a reminder of his career.

Dad just loved his family. He was always super supportive with advice, love and care with anything we were doing. There are just so many wonderful memories. I am very lucky that I was able to spend so much time with him when growing up.

For those that know dad, you will know that he loved his food and especially ice cream. It was fitting that his last two meals were magnum ice creams.

We will dearly miss him

Ernie collage.jpg
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